Wineries – Clean In Place


In the recent years, ozone is found more and more space in the wineries disinfection and sanitation, substituting the conventional chemical detergents and sanitizers.

Cantina vinicolaThe use of ozonated water for CIP (Clean In Place) results in a significant microflora reduction on the working surfaces, in barrels and tanks, leaving no chemical residue.

Due to the ozone instability, it quickly reverts into oxygen, avoiding the formation of toxic byproducts, dangerous for wine quality and for human health. Furthermore, the use of ozonated water, highly effective even on Brettanomyces, prevents the occurrence of resistant bacteria and it can be recycled after filtration, saving up to 30% of water.

PC Engineering offers on request a winery instruments sanitation / disinfection service, fully applied and controlled by specialized technicians

In partnership with Prof. Fabio Mencarelli (University of Tuscia-Viterbo), PC Engineering srl is also patented a technology protocol (known as Purovino®) in order to contain the chemicals in the wine industry, including sulfur dioxide .

The Purovino® method (, based on the ozonized water for tools disinfection and on controlled hyperoxygenation for grapes sanitation, allows the production of wines with no added sulfites and with high antioxidant content.