Water solutions


Water ozone generators:
The best solution to sanitize and disinfect water, generally used for washing fruits and vegetables or all instruments and machineries, useful for food processing.

Thanks to PC Engineering generators, the food industry can improve the food quality, delaying the natural decay and reducing the risk of contamination by the microflora, without sacrificing the safety of the food itself.


  1. It efficiently kills bacteria, yeast and molds
  2. It controls the sporulation and the cross-contamination
  3. It increases the shelf-life and the storage-life
  4. It removes the persistent chemical substances (herbicides and pesticides) generally used in pre-harvest
  5. No resistance phenomena and no dangerous byproducts formation, negative for the product quality and for human health
  6. No residue in the atmosphere and on food surface
  7. No alteration in food quality
  8. Possible water recycle. Reduction of water demand.