Ozone technology


The increasing interest in food safety and the introduction of new more restrictive laws about chemicals, have forced industries to seek alternative methods for food and beverage production and storage.

Ozone is the most efficient and safe sanitizer and disinfectant on the market.

Thanks to the advantages of PC Engineering technologies, ozone applications provide a very safe and efficient alternative to chemicals, without affecting food quality.
The system generates ozone from oxygen in the air by a system known as “corona discharge”. The gaseous ozone is then fumigated in the atmosphere or effectively dissolved in water. Once sorted its beneficial effects, ozone naturally reverts into oxygen, leaving no residue in the environment and on the product surface.

The exclusive closed-loop control system of ozone concentration and the remote control provide safety and effectiveness reports about all functional parameters.
Sensors on the ozone generators maintain the ozone concentration set-point, allowing the adaptability of the whole system for any application.

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